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About The Web Site (2017):

Saskatchewan Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Pages:

The pages making up the Saskatchewan Aquatic Macroinvertebrates pages have been researched, developed and are maintained by Dale Parker, AquaTax Consulting, Saskatoon, SK.

The primary goal of the pages is to provide a source of basic introductory information about Saskatchewan aquatic macroinvertebrates, for the general public, students, aquatic ecologists and entomologists. The information presented is based on my research of published literature, theses, unpublished manuscripts, and research and private collections. The information is continually being supplemented from the literature and original research projects conducted throughout the province.

I am attempting to make revisions and corrections as my free time permits. As with any field of science, aquatic insect systematics and ecology are constantly changing as researchers describe new species, revise existing taxonomic groups and accumulate more ecological and biological information. I appreciate any corrections or additions that readers can provide.

Many Saskatchewan entomologists/aquatic ecologists of the past and present have contributed to our knowledge of the province's macroinvertebrates; A. Brooks, L. Dosdall, F.J.H. Fredeen, U.T. Hammer, D. Hooper, R. Hooper, D. Lehmkuhl, P. Mason, I. Phillips, J. Rempel, D. Rawson, D. Smith, J. Webb, and E. Whiting, that have worked on the systematics and ecology of Saskatchewan aquatic insects.

Computer programming and development for the macroinvertebrate database was provided by P. Morrill.

RCAF 420 "Snowy Owl" Squadron:

These pages were developed based on the photo collection and recollections of my father and supplemented with my own research of the squadron.


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